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Elite Strength Academy a Private 24/7 Health & Fitness Facility. No walk-ins allowed. We are only open to the public by appointment only. Once a member you get 24/7 access.


To schedule an appointment please call or text

(519) 560-7333)


ESA If you are serious about your fitness goals and want to train at a facility that has all kinds of specialty equipment with 24/7 access then ESA could be the place for you. The training environment and culture we have at ESA is all about everyone supporting everyone with positive vibes, we play loud music, we encourage members to take training videos, selfies, and even shirtless training is allowed for males and sports bras for women. 


At ESA we have all the equipment needed for anyone that wants to specialize in any sports, bodybuilding, and of course all the tools for strength sports like Strongman, Powerlifting and Crossfit. We are also a great fit for people of all ages that want to train for general health & fitness. We also offer custom coaching memberships with a 6 to 1 client to coach ratio as well as Personal Training, Team Training, and Youth Training. We are committed to helping athletes reach their goals through the acute responses and chronic adaptations of the body to the stresses of exercise by implementing periodized training programs with proper nutrition and supplementation resulting in optimal health and performance.

Enjoy training at the best and most tightly knit Gym in Saint Stephen, New Brunswick with coaches who not only compete at the highest levels in strength sports but also have a diverse background and education as Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches and have published training articles and eBooks on various strength training topics. 

ESA is committed as a serious Strength Gym and 24/7 Health & Fitness Facility in Saint Stephen to provide top notch sport specific performance training by certified sport performance coaches.




To visit us on Instagram please press on one of the IG icons on this website or search us on instagram 





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PHONE: (519) 560-7333


Please call or text for info.  

We are a 24/7 facility however new potential members need to schedule an appointment to come see the facility as we are not staffed unless by appointment only.

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